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Can/ Do I have to get adjusted?

Dr. Rachel is a Doctor of Chiropractic. She practices a technique called Applied Kinesiology, AK. (See description below.) AK can be used for chiropractic treatments and/or holistic health evaluations. Dr. Rachel may implement chiropractic adjustments with patients as it fits into their care plan and goals. If you see another chiropractor concurrently, that is completely fine. Dr. Rachel does not do routine chiropractic care as most appointments are 30 min or more and focused on other health principles. If you want, or need frequent chiropractic adjustments with shorter appointments, please continue with your current provider or see her husband Dr. Travis Tourjee at Brookside Chiropractic..

Applied Kinesiology

​Kinesiology, by definition, is the study of human movement. This chiropractic technique is primarily a diagnostic technique. It uses muscle testing to identify areas of dysfunction. Once identified, a variety of other techniques are used to correct the indicated problem. Some of the techniques used are Sacro-Occipital technique, Diversified, Thompson, and nutritional compounds.

In Kinesiology, we address the triad of health. Causes of dysfunction can be chemical, mental, or structural as seen to the left. Applied Kinesiology can help us determine which of the three is causing your symptoms so that we can treat the problem or direct you to the proper healthcare professional who can.

What Is The Flexion-Distraction Technique?

Flexion-Distraction, (F/D) is a gentle, chiropractic treatment procedure utilized for back and neck pain. Flexion-Distraction is a safe alternative to back surgery for those 95% of patients whose conditions do not demand surgical intervention. The doctor is in control of the treatment movements at all times. Flexion-Distraction is utilized for many conditions such as:

• Disc Herniation/ Bulging Disc / Herniated Disc
• Sciatica / Leg pain
• Stenosis
• Spondylolisthesis

 How Does Flexion-Distraction Work?

• Increases the intervertebral disc height
• Improves posture while relieving pain and creating a state of well-being
• F/D decreases disc protrusion and reduces stenosis.
• Reduces Disc Pressure  

Dr. Stephen specializes in this technique