Recreate Your

In Recreate Your Health, Dr. Rachel tosses out the 21-day cleanse mentality and lays a plan for achieving lifelong wellness. She provides 12 chapters of clear steps to find physical, mental, and nutritional wellbeing. This is presented in a conversational tone which is relatable and easy to comprehend.

With these three categories at the core of each section she will explain topics such as:

  • Keto, Carnivore, and Autoimmune Paleo Diets and their impact on digestive health
  • How sometimes less is more with fat burning cardio
  • How to find the right macro balance for your body and goals
  • Why being social is the missing link in most wellness strategies
  • The missing link between gut and brain health
  • Why muscle is the organ of longevity and how to fortify that tissue
  • The power of environmental changes on liver detox
  • How to make sense of common alternative medicines and which could benefit you

Supplements Dr. Rachel Created