New Patient Evaluation
This is an approx. 90 min evaluation used to:

• Establish Goals and Health History

• Evaluate need for further testing (vitamin blood work, stool test, wellness blood work panel, allergy testing, Body Composition scan, etc)

• Address any missing dietary components

• Physical evaluation (check reflex points and muscles for different organ systems to determine primary stress on the body-may be beneficial to have partner present if virtual client)

• Baseline Nutrition and Lifestyle Recommendations based on initial impression

Month 1 Topics (4 visits)

Start Anti-inflammatory Diet (Leaky Gut Program)
How nutrition affects pain and other symptoms
Food journaling
Gut/Brain/Hormone/Liver connection
Supplements to create optimal digestion.
Discuss Sugar Toxicity and balancing blood sugar
Address deficiencies
Order Genetics Test

Month 2 Topics (2 visits)

Continued gut support with transition into liver detox phase
Discuss effects of alcohol
Supplements to support Liver
Household Chemicals and hormone disruptors
Long term effect of even minor medications
Getting Outdoors/grounding/sun exposure

Month 3 Topics (2 visits)

Fasting Options to further optimize Liver
How the liver and gut affect immunity and allergies
Discuss visceral fat management
How hot/cold therapy jump starts an exercise regimen and optimizes detox
Discuss Strategies for Heart Health and Blood Flow Optimization

Month 4 Topics (2 visits)

Establish Carb or Fat Macro Balance based on genetics
Establish long term supplement needs based on Genetics Findings
Paleo or Mediterranean Diet Long term suggestions
Sleep Optimization Phase based on genetics
Stress Management Strategies (breathwork, putting yourself first, visualization/meditataion, quiet time)

Month 5 Topics (1 visit)

Other weight loss strategies (calorie counting, more focused exercise prescription, cycling carbs, etc)
Getting steps in importance
Other pain management strategies (chiropractic, PT, acupuncture, massage)
Importance of community, family, social activities, and spousal relations

Month 6 Topics(1 visit)

Address exercise strategies to meet fitness goals(yoga, lifting, HIIT, cardio, sports)
Importance of hitting optimal body composition for long term health
Importance of growth and development for long term health