New Patients

Important Information

  • All perspective new patients are required to schedule  a 15 min phone interview with Dr. Rachel to see if this care is an appropriate fit for you. 
  • If we are a good fit we require a new patient appointment be paid a week in advance. 


Paperwork is required 1 week prior to appointment with a down payment on your scheduled appointments. 

Genetic testing

This is very valuable in seeing which nutrients you want to include in your nutrition regiment permanently. Most other supplement we prescribe are meant to be temporary until you heal into the next phase of treatment. 


This is ordered on an as needed basis but you may see list of suggested test examples from Any Lab test Now

New Patient Flow

When you begin care with this team, you can expect the first 5 visits to be performed in your first few months of care. After these initial evaluations we suggest check ups every 4-6 months. 

Expected total cost:
$850 If Paid Upfront (save $235)
Package payment includes visit 1-5 plus follow up
with Erica and Dr. Rachel*

Per appointment fees listed below
​*Supplements and Bloodwork/Genetic work priced separately unless part of specific nutrition plan in visit 5.


Visit 1

New Patient exam

During this 90 minute appointment we will get to know you, your goals, your health history, and current ailments extensively. This interview will help the doctor design a treatment plan specific to your needs. You will like get preliminary assignments at this appointment as well as a food/lifestyle journal that we designed. Functional Nutrition is a non-covered service with insurance. You will owe $150 at least a week prior to you appointment. This will be refunded if you cancel at least 24 hours in advance.

For information about chiropractic care click here

Visit 2

Nutrition Basics

We understand that most of our patients have a decent grasp on nutrition and diet basics. However, we find that many are swindled by media trends and fake news. This appointment is to make sure we are all on the same page with basic food choices and macronutrient balance. This office promotes high protein, moderate fat, lower carb diets that are not promoted by the media.  If you are vegan/vegetarian this may not be the office for you, unless you are wanting to make changes and learn to digest some form of animal protein. Appointments with Erica are $50 an hour. Your first appointment will likely be 90min and will include in depth body composition analysis ($50 in paying individually.)

Visit 3

Supplement Evaluation

We prefer our patients take 5 supplements or less on a daily basis. (Food products such as greens and protein do not count toward the 5). We find that more than 5 can lay too much burden on the liver, the mental state, and the wallet. While some cleanses may include more than this, they are TEMPORARY. Dr. Rachel will use muscle testing to highlight your top 5 priorities and encourages these to be retested every 3-6 months and needs tend to change overtime. Supplement appointment is a half hour which is  $65 plus cost of supplements suggested. 

Visit 4

Genetics and/or Bloodwork Evaluation

Genetic Testing takes 3-5 weeks to receive results. Genetic Testing cost included in program.
Bloodwork takes up to a week. Bloodwork prices vary depending on labs. You are not required to use our lab.
This appointment is designed to cover any tests you need interpreted. Can be genetic, bloodwork or both.
​This is an $85 appointment that is typically 45 minutes. Bloodwork/ Genetics cost varies based on lab, our price approximates are on testing page.

Visit 5

Supplement Evaluation

Once we get to know your bloodwork, possible allergy test or genetic precursors, you will meet with Erica to learn what foods are right for you and how to incorporate them into a daily regiment that fits your lifestyle needs. We realize most people cannot follow a meal plan long term so we prefer to teach you daily habits that are more sustainable. 
Single appointments are $50, but nutrition plans are $200-$550.

Suggested Addition-Exercise Plan

Neither Erica or Dr. Rachel are exercise therapists or personal trainers, but we understand the value of building muscle and cardiovascular endurance . We encourage that you find health in these two areas. We can give you suggested gyms to try or link you with an appropriate personal trainer. Some health disparities will not be healed without exercise while other dis-eases may require an exercise break. We can direct you to the appropriate program for you!

Visit +

Visits Beyond

**Your protocols should change if you are healing, regular appointments are recommended**  

Taking the same things for a year straight may not be appropriate. We only prescribe 1-4 supplements at a time unless a cleanse is needed. With the exception of genetic deficiencies, your need will likely change often your first year of treatment.  We recommend follow up appointments every 1-6 months depending on severity and type of condition.. 

Treatment time can be categorized as follows:

  • Nutrition, Body composition, and Weight can be changed in a matter of weeks
  • Digestive Dysfunction should change in 6-12 weeks 
  • Blood work can change in 3 months or less 
  • Hormones can take 6 months to a year to treat 
  • Any condition that has been around for 10 years or more, especially if of auto-immune in nature require 2 years of treatment