Nutrition Protocols

Programs and Tools to help you understand the best way to effectively help your health.

Nutritional Guidance Visits

Not sure where to start? This appointment is perfect to help guide you to your specific program needs. We pride ourselves on getting to know each patient and extremely customized treatments based on your goals and conditions. Nutritional Guidance visits can be used to discuss basic dietary advice, help you find direction, or get started with accountability and coaching.

Nutrition Guidance Package

Most nutritional struggles come down to 1 word: accountability. Since 1 stand alone visit can only cover a few topics and health history, we recommend packages or programs. If you would like nutrition coaching only instead of our holistic health program, we recommend starting with this package. This is a 3 visit combo program that includes initial visit, body composition analysis, and 2 personalized follow up visits.  Please start with Nutritional guidance visit slot with online scheduling here. 

Liver Detox Program

  • This is a 3 week program that includes an elimination diet plan, supplements to aid with inflammation and liver/gallbladder function and 2 nutrition visits. 
  • A variety of modern lifestyle factors contribute to an overload on the liver/gallbladder and can lead to sluggish organ function. This program is designed to provide nutrients that support the body’s ability to expel toxins and maximize detox reactions.  

Leaky Gut, Thyroid and Autoimmune Disease 

Erica has had Auto-immune Hashimoto’s since the age of 8 and is an expert in this area of treatment

This is a 6 week program that includes an elimination diet plan, gut repair and liver detox program, supplements to help support inflammation and the immune response, 3 nutrition visits and 2 body scans at beginning and end. Direction on how to continue with an autoimmune diet plan is included at the last visit of the program   

ChiroThin Weight Loss Program

  • What is it?
    ​The ChiroThin™ program is a doctor-supervised weight loss program that combines the all natural ChiroThin™ dietary supplement with a healthy, low calorie, low carb diet to turn your body into a fat burning machine. 

    What is included?
  • 3 Body Composition Scans 
  • 6 visits with nutritionist 
  • ChiroThin™ Drops
  • ChiroThin™ implementation material 

Muscle Testing

Nutrition Response Testing (Muscle testing for nutritional needs) is a non-invasive system of analyzing the body to determine underlying causes of non-optimum health. It uses muscle-organ relationships to determine the area of dysfunction. When an area of dysfunction is found, the suspected nutrient is held over the body to determine if function is restored by adding the magnetic frequency of that nutrient. Humans are electromagnetic beings. When you get an MRI, you are having your body’s magnetic energies measured by a machine. In NRT (nutrition response testing), we are evaluating if your frequency requires the added frequency of specific nutrients.

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